Night Noises

If you’ve heard them, you know how unsettling it is to try to sleep while unknown creatures scuttle about above you. Here are some ways you might identify what’s making that noise in your attic or in the walls during the night.

How We Get Rid of Raccoons – Expertly and Humanely

We’ve learned how and where raccoons break into your home and we know exactly how to get rid of them – and other animals –  before it happens again.


  1. Find how they get in
  2. Use a one-way exit so the raccoons evict themselves
  3. Carefully extract any young (to be reunited with their mom)
  4. Raccoon-proof your home, securing and sealing weak points to prevent re-entry.

You get a 10-year guarantee they won’t get back in.


  • Slow, heavy walking sounds and
  • Sliding or shifting noises across your ceilings

They may look like bandits, but raccoons are clean and very intelligent creatures. They’re known to wash their food – mostly vegetables and fruit – in streams and are excellent problem-solvers, as anyone with a garbage can, latch or doorknob knows!  

Here’s how raccoons get into your attic:


Raccoon moms have a strong maternal instinct: they give birth to an average of three to four kits and look after them for up to a year, teaching them how to adapt to our urban environment.  



When cities expand, they inevitably displace wildlife. That’s why animals move in with us!

How NOT to Get Rid of Raccoons

Some common mistakes people make when they try to do this themselves:

  • Covering or sealing an entry

The raccoon causes more damage trying to escape or it dies inside your home

  • Putting down poison

This is cruel and illegal

  • Trapping and relocating them far away
    Aside from also being illegal, raccoons are territorial – you’ll just get another raccoon moving in.  And any babies left behind would starve and die, perhaps in your attic space.


Just finished getting a raccoon mama and her babies out of my attic using Bad Company. The animals were treated humanely from start to finish. Very nice and friendly people who do a good job! Lisa N.

Night Noises Anywhere


  • Deceptively loud
  • Often confused for squirrels
  • Quick skittering, chewing, scratching

Mice are the tiny triathlon athletes of the rodent family!  They’re excellent climbers, runners, jumpers and swimmers.  These small creatures can jump up to 2.5 ft. in height – about from the floor to the top of a regular dining table.

Because they don’t have collar bones, they can fit through slim gaps the width of a pencil or less – even getting through spaces in the mortar between brickwork.  So if their heads can through a hole, so can the rest of their bodies!

It takes an expert like Matt to spot where they’re getting in:

Because they’re preyed on by so many other animals, they grow and reproduce quickly. They can have as many as 10 litters a year with up to 9 pups each time.

That’s 90 babies!  

So it’s so important to stop an infestation and do it properly to keep them out.


Did You Know?

Mice feed on a very wide menu, including seeds, nuts, grains, meat, chocolate, cheese, butter, leather, paper, and a host of other things.

How NOT to Get Rid of Mice

Getting rid of mice permanently can be a challenge for homeowners.

Setting kill traps and putting down poison

These are band-aid, short-term solutions; it won’t permanently solve the problem and instead creates an ongoing battle. Dead mice die in walls and create a horrible, lingering smell. They can also become hosts for maggots and bacteria.

Fill weeping vents with caulking or sealant

Weeping vents are gaps in the mortar most often found on the lower level of the brick and above and below windows and doors.  Bricks absorb moisture from the air and rain, so these vents are important for airflow that helps the bricks to dry. 

Filling these gaps causes spalling or crumbling and damages the brick beyond repair.

How We Get Rid of Mice – Humanely and Permanently


  1. Find how they get in
  2. Use a one-way exit so the mice evict themselves
  3. Seal your home from top to bottom to make it mouse-proof – every nook and cranny – but still allow airflow or drainage

This is the only guaranteed and permanent solution for mice eviction.

We had some raccoons living above our kitchen attic. Matt and his partner were prompt in their assessment of the situation. They set traps very quickly, and the raccoons and squirrels were gone within a couple days. Matt and his partner even repaired the roof line, installing new eaves and fascia to the area where the pests were getting in. Our roof line looks better now than it did before. 

Thanks so much guys, you nailed it!

Justine Kormann

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