What We Do

We assess & remove, clean & clear, prevent & protect your home and the animals.

We start with an inspection.
We locate all entry points and determine the species.
We quote to remove and prevent animals from returning.
We offer a 10-year guarantee.

We're Humane

We have a vast respect for the creatures living in our cities and their right to exist. When cities expand and open spaces turn into housing, animals are displaced and forced from their own habitats.

They have to find other places to live and have adapted to our way of life to survive – in some cases thriving in the unnatural habitats we’ve created.

We Show You

You probably won’t want to climb up on the roof – or clamber in your attic with us! So we like to explain our pest control plan to you. You’ll know exactly how we’re going to evict the animals and how we’re going stop them getting back in.

We Explain

With our before and after photos you’ll see the extent of the problem – and exactly what’s been done. We’ll tell you how we plan to screen and repair any entry points.

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