All About Squirrel Removal


A squirrel’s teeth are continuously growing, which means they must chew constantly to keep them from growing too long.

Squirrels are members of the rodent family and can be seen almost anywhere. They dig holes in the earth and scrounge for food, often storing it in attics and walls during the winter. They’re natural athletes, able to get to their destination by jumping between trees, fences, telephone poles, hydro wires and roofs.  

Using their powerful jaws, squirrels are able to chew through wood, plastic and even sheet metal! Mother squirrels give birth to two litters of between 4-5 kits per year, once in the spring and once in late summer. For more info about the noises squirrels can make in your attic, check out our blog here.

How to get rid of squirrels:

Knowing how to get rid squirrels can be a challenge! It is common for homeowners to make many mistakes when trying squirrel removal on their own.

Some common mistakes homeowners make when trying to get rid of squirrels:

  • Sealing the entry hole a squirrel has made which could lead to the squirrel causing even more damage when trying to escape or die inside the house.
  • Trapping the squirrels and relocating them. Squirrels are territorial and removing one squirrel creates space for another squirrel to move in. It may also cause any current babies to starve and die, perhaps in your attic space.  It is also an illegal practice.
  • Chopping down trees around your house. Although squirrels can use trees as a direct way of accessing your roof they can jump great distances and are even able to climb your walls.  You would need to cut any trees within 10 ft. of your roof line, and they could still jump to your house from a fence, telephone pole, power line or your neighbours house.
  • Poisoning: poisoning the squirrels is both illegal and inhumane. It can lead to dead squirrels rotting in your attic or walls, and can create hazards for children and family pets.
  • Dumping unpleasant mixtures such as cayenne pepper, hot sauce, ammonia or mothballs in the eaves troughs to deter them. It doesn’t work and can create unpleasant odors that will only bother the homeowner.
  • Bright lights and loud music in your attic. Again, this doesn’t work.  Squirrels learn to ignore the music, and bright lights can be a fire hazard.

What we do:

  • We identify points of entry and use a one way exit system to allow the squirrels effective ways to evict themselves.
  • We squirrel-proof the home by securing and sealing weak points to prevent re-entry.
  • We inspect the attic for signs of squirrel damage, feces or babies.
  • We return to remove the one-way door and permanently seal the entry.

Knowing how to get rid of squirrels in the attic or home can be a challenge for any homeowner.

Our experience has taught us where and how squirrels can break into your home and we know exactly how to get rid of squirrels and to prevent a recurrence. We offer a 5-10-year guarantee of squirrel removal and free squirrel inspections in the Hamilton/Halton area. 

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