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By researching a professional humane wildlife control and removal company you have made the right choice in solving your urban wildlife problem. It takes an experienced wildlife removal technician to properly identify all points of entry and determine what further measures need to be taken to permanently remove wildlife from your attic or walls. Below are the most common urban wildlife species we remove on a regular basis.


  • Powerful hands and feet
  • Extremely adaptable, quick learner
  • Very strong maternal instinct
  • One litter per year (spring)
  • Live in colonies, rarely alone
  • Hibernate during the winter
  • Give birth mid-summer
  • Most commonly enter wall vents
  • Will continue to build on existing nest year after year
  • Lay eggs twice per year
  • Live in social groups of hierarchies
  • Very adaptable and intelligent
  • Has up to 5 litters per year with up to 14 pups
  • Teeth do not stop growing forcing them to chew constantly
  • Surprisingly powerful jaws and limbs
  • Two litters per year (spring, late summer)
  • Can squeeze bodies through gaps ½” or less
  • Can reproduce at six weeks of age
  • 5 to 10 litters per year, average 6 to 8 pups per litter
  • Excellent digging skills
  • Very strong maternal instinct
  • Prefer underground den sites (under sheds, porches, decks)
  • One litter per year (late spring/early summer)
  • Can burrow up to 3 feet below ground
  • Commonly den under patios, walkways and steps
  • Smallest member of the squirrel family
  • Very cute


The first step of the wildlife removal process is a thorough inspection of the building’s exterior and the attic space. After we have determined the points of entry we will provide a written quotation for the animal removal and recommended wildlife prevention to guarantee that further damage or re-entry does not occur. We do not trap and relocate wildlife except in rare occasions where the animal may be sick or injured. Trap and relocate is a very temporary solution that simply put, does not solve the problem. 

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