Wildlife Eviction Services

Bad Company Wildlife Eviction Specialists serve clients in Dundas, Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville. We can help you remove a variety of urban animals that like to take up residence in homes, garages and sheds. Our services are 100% humane. We do not use poison, traps or scare tactics for removal. We do not relocate wildlife, as that has an adverse effect on the ecosystem and causes undue stress to the animal.


We offer wildlife eviction services for the following species:


Raccoons are one of the most adaptable animals we deal with and have excellent problem-solving and memory retention skills.


Squirrels dig holes in the earth and scrounge for food, often storing it in attics and walls during the winter.


Skunk removal can be a smelly business! It is common for homeowners to make mistakes when trying to get rid of skunks.


Bats hibernate in the winter and are drawn to warm, dark places, so it’s typical to find them asleep in attics, rafters, sheds or caves.


When it comes to birds, you’re most likely to find starlings, pigeons, and sparrows wanting to live in your home.


Rats live wherever people do and form family groups. They’re very adaptable and can live in most environments.


It’s crucial to rid your home of mice correctly to avoid a repeat infestation.

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