Frequently Asked Questions

Will you trap or remove the animal and release it far away?

No.  Animals cannot be relocated more than 1 km from the trap site by law and that simply isn’t far enough to prevent return. Relocation can separate a mother from her babies creating orphans that will most likely starve. Relocation can also spread diseases such as rabies and distemper to other animals in the area of release. Many species of urban wildlife are territorial and permanently removing an animal from a certain area will simply create space for another to move in. Trapping and relocating is a temporary fix at best. We specialize in permanent, humane animal removal solutions to all wildlife problems.

Are they going to come back?

The animal may still be in the area after wildlife removal but we will animal proof your home and they will not be able to re-enter the attic space or walls.


What if there are babies?

If babies are present they will never come to harm and will never be permanently separated from their mother. In many cases, we need to remove babies from the attic space by hand and then place them outside of the entry in our heated Bad Company Wildlife Eviction baby box where the mother can easily relocate them once she has been evicted from your home.

Will you repair the damage done to my home by the animals?

Yes. We will replace damaged vents, shingles or soffit panels once the animal has been evicted. If any major repairs are required we can refer you to one of the many professionals in our broad network of local businesses.

I have an animal in my attic because it was able to remove a roof vent. Is my roofer or builder responsible for that?

In most cases no. A builder or roofing contractor’s priority is to ensure the home is weather proof, not animal proof. Some roofing contractors may have good intentions by installing “critter proof” roof vents when in fact such a thing doesn’t exist. Only a professional wildlife removal company can truly animal proof your exterior of your home.

How does your guarantee work?

Should you decide to approve all our recommended services, your entire home will be guaranteed for a minimum of 5 years against re-entry. If an animal happens to enter the home again, Bad Company Wildlife Eviction Specialists will return to fix the problem and humanely remove the animal(s) at no additional cost. We can also schedule yearly inspections of the property to ensure all work is still in good standing.

How much do your services cost?

Every home and every situation is different and until the home has been inspected it is very difficult to give a price. It starts with an inspection. We will identify the animal’s point of entry and inspect the entire home for other weak points to determine how we will evict the animal and prevent it from returning. Inquiring about the cost of wildlife removal services before an inspection is like calling a mechanic and asking them how much it would cost to stop your engine from making that funny noise before bringing it into the shop. Inspections are always free in the Hamilton and Halton area. Simply contact us to schedule your no charge inspection.

Do you care for sick or injured wildlife?

We do not.  You can visit to find a local wildlife rehabilitation center.

I found a baby wild animal, what should I do?

Unless clearly injured or in distress (broken limb, severe bleeding) it is always best to leave it as it is and not handle it. The mother is most likely nearby and is avoiding you or she is elsewhere in search of food. If you feel the baby may be in trouble you can monitor the situation for 24-48 hours and see if the mother returns. In emergency cases, you should contact a local wildlife rehabilitator. Note: Wild animals can carry diseases and parasites and should only be handled by professionals.

I have found a dead animal. What should I do?

Your municipality may provide dead animal pick up but this is usually limited to public property. Please contact your local city animal control department for more information. Bad Company Wildlife Eviction provides this service for a fee. Contact us for more details.

I have found a stray cat or dog. What should I do?

Bad Company Wildlife Eviction does not pick up stray animals. Please contact your local Humane Society, SPCA or city animal control.

What to do if I have found a wild animal that appears sick or injured?

If you have found a wild animal that appears to be sick or injured please contact your local city animal control department, SPCA or Humane Society.  Do not attempt to handle the animal. Injured animals can be very aggressive and may try to bite you. If the animal is sick it may be contagious; leave it to the professionals

Do you use poison or set traps?

No. Putting down poison is both cruel and illegal. It can lead to dead animals rotting in your attic or walls and can be a hazard for children and family pets.

Trapping then relocating an animal further than 1 km away is also illegal and any young left behind will starve to death, possibly inside your home.

As professional wildlife handlers, we know exactly how and where animals can get into your home and we get rid of them humanely and permanently for you. 

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