Helping to Save the Bats

Did you know that Bats are endangered, and that they are very important animals to our environment? Bats are on an alarming decline throughout much of North America due to the prevalence of the fatal fungus infection, White Nose Syndrome (WNS). WNS has killed more than 7 million bats in eastern North America to date, …

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Ouch. Bad luck for this home owner. The raccoon happened to tear at an area that was near the end of the board and had a big knot. You don’t this very often. Please follow and like us:

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Tight Fit

Tight fit but that’s where we need to go to stop the rats! This addition was poorly built and we need to crawl under the floor to seal the foundation to stop them. Rats are definitely the most difficult and challenging evictions we do Please follow and like us:

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You know those little gaps in your brick mortar? They are there to allow the brick to release any absorbed moisture. Unfortunately mice like to use these as an entry point into your home BUT don’t just seal them up with caulking or steelwool! If your brick wall can’t breathe it’s life will be considerably …

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