Birds in Your Attic?

Birds in the attic is quite common.  With the growing lack of bird habitat, birds are starting g to find alternative nesting sites.  Your attic or your second or third story   bathroom vent is ideal for this. Your attic especially can be a great place for a bird to nest.  It is quiet, it’s …

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Giving Back and Helping Bats – Our Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to helping to save  bats and to grow public awareness of the problem of White Nose Syndrome.   We are committed to bat conservation and to bat conservation education.   Bat conservation and bat conservation education forms part of our corporate social responsibility. Bats are on an alarming decline throughout much of …

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Raccoon Entry Point

Raccoon Entry

Raccoons are expert at house entry and reentry. Raccoons are very smart and extremely resourceful! Recently we had a client who chose not to do the extra prevention recommended by us and the raccoon ended up making a new entry. At the client’s original request, we  installed the one way raccoon door over the point …

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rat 126884798

A Rat Story

Did you know that rats have excellent hearing but poor eyesight, can burrow extensively, and can easily destroy large amounts of stored foods–yes your holiday baking supplies!!!  If you have rats, you will definitely need to know how to get rid of rats.  Getting rid of rats properly requires good animal control and good pest …

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