First baby raccoons of 2015!

At about 10:30am on March 12th, 2015 Bad Company Wildlife removed five healthy raccoon babies from a home in Oakville Ontario. The babies were located above the customers front entrance and soffit panels were carefully removed to access them. Locating and removing babies before evicting mother raccoon is essential for a successful raccoon removal. If …

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Hamilton Raccoon Removal

Hamilton Raccoon Removal – Job Report Bad Company Wildlife Eviction responded to a raccoon removal in Hamilton. The customer reported heavy walking and slow movements in the attic at night. Raccoon evidence was found in the attic and an inspection of the roof revealed a raccoon entry on the roof vent. The raccoon had easily …

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Dundas Red Squirrel Removal

Dundas Red Squirrel Removal – Job Report Recently Bad Company Wildlife was called to Dundas, Ontario with the customer reporting scratching and running noises in the attic and walls. She informed us that a different wildlife removal company had inspected her property the previous day. This pest control company had told the customer that they …

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raccoons in love

Love is in the air!

Its mating season! Raccoon’s and squirrels have been mating since the new year and in just a few short weeks we will be seeing our first litter of raccoon babies in the attic and squirrel babies in the attic. Babies are always dealt in a humane manner and we will never separate mother and baby …

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