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What’s The Difference Between A Ground Squirrel And A Tree Squirrel?

There are over 20 species of squirrels in Canada, and we typically split them into three categories: tree squirrels, ground squirrels, and flying squirrels. Setting ...
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The Canadian Solution to Clogged Gutters

Gutter cleaning is a necessary part of your yearly home maintenance but can also be a hassle. Because of this, many home owners neglect this ...
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Solar Panel Animal Guard

More and more homeowners, commercial businesses and farmers are making the smart and sustainable transition to solar electricity. Photovoltaic systems or PV systems for short, ...
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Save time and money with gutter guards by Alu-Rex

Cleaning your gutters every year is a tedious and dangerous  job and paying a professional to clean them for you can be costly. Installing a ...
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Squirrel Removal is for Professionals Only

Squirrel removal is best handled by a trained professional A Hamilton mountain family suspected a squirrel had taken up residence in their bathroom ventilation system; ...
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The dangers and risks of DIY bat removal

  Of all the species of wildlife we remove, bats are our personal favorites. Bats provide a huge service to us and are a severely ...
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Bat season is here

The beginning of May is when we at Bad Company Wildlife Eviction begin humane bat removal. Bats will have fully woken from their hibernation and ...
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Talking local bats with the 1st Greensville Girl Scouts

Last week we paid a visit to the 1st Greensville Girl Scouts to talk about our local bat species. We spoke about the common myths ...
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Bats in the house over the winter is a sure sign you have a colony in your home

Bats rarely (if ever) fly through an open window or door. You probably don't keep your doors and windows open during the cold months and ...
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Baby season is here! Know how to get rid of raccoon families effectively AND humanely

For most urban wildlife, baby season is in full swing. Raccoon removal in Hamilton is a little different than it was 6 weeks ago. Bad ...
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