Our Philosophy

We love animals. Our philosophy is to treat all animals with respect as we remove them from your property. Using humane methods is one of our core values.


Trapping an animal and relocating it far away might seem like a good solution.  But taking an animal further than 1 km from a trap site is illegal – and any young left behind will starve to death, possibly inside your home.

Here’s a few more things you may not know:

  • Taking an animal somewhere else is a death sentence. They’re dropped into foreign territory where they don’t know where to find food or water.
  • The area’s already occupied by other animals
  • Animals are territorial; removing one simply creates space for another to move in


First, we identify entry points, starting with where you’ve heard noises. 

Depending on the creature, we could be looking:

  • on your roof
  • in your attic
  • at cracks in walls
  • in vents
  • around your gutters and eavestroughs and anywhere where animals can get in

 Once we’ve found the entry points, we then:  

  • Install a one-way exit system so the animals evict themselves
  • Make sure any babies are carefully taken out so their mothers find and move them
  • And inspect for all other entry points – on attics and roofs – as well as for any signs of damage.

Most importantly, we secure and seal any weak points so your home is animal-proof.


We offer a 10-year animal control guarantee against re-entry.

  • 100% Humane Urban Pest Removal
  • Permanent Solutions to All Urban Wildlife Problems
  • 10-Year Guarantee
  • Free inspections (Dundas, Ancaster and the Greater Hamilton Area)

Mike quickly and kindly removed the squirrel’s nest in our attic right away. He also repaired the damaged vents and made sure that no more squirrels would be uninvited house guests. Excellent service! Thank you!

Nikki Loney

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