We've built our company by providing quality personal service and honest work.  

Customers like the way we handle wildlife humanely – at the same time making sure creatures stay out of your homes.

We were desperate to find someone to remove the sudden infestation of bats in our attic. Not only did I admire Bad Company’s humane approach, they are professional, clean and incredibly diligent. Thank you for taking a crazy situation and making it OK! These guys Rock! Sandy Rowland


Matt Beaudoin grew up in a home of entrepreneurs. His parents ran a family firm, and Matt soon developed a keen sense of business. He first trained in a variety of trade skills and with a long-standing passion for animals, went on to graduate from Animal Behaviour College. He’s been working with animals ever since.

Matt’s a bit of a dog whisperer:  he’s rehabilitated hounds with behavioural issues, trains service dogs for children with autism and has helped to start two successful canine daycares.


Matt Beaudoin And His Family
Mike Floren and Matt Beaudoin Team

Experts In Wildlife Removal


  • Only use humane animal and pest removal methods
  • Guarantee our work
  • Give you peace of mind


We Care:  We’re don’t put down poison or set traps. Instead, we take a different approach to pest control:

  • Identify animal entry points
  • Install one-way exits
  • Make sure any babies are carefully taken out so their mothers will find and move them




We have a vast respect for the creatures living in our cities and their right to exist. When cities expand and open spaces turn into housing, animals are displaced and forced from their own habitats.

They have to find other places to live and have adapted to our way of life to survive – in some cases thriving in the unnatural habitats we’ve created.


You probably won’t want to climb up on the roof – or clamber in your attic with us!

So we like to explain our pest control plan to you.

You’ll know exactly how we’re going to evict the animals and how we’re going stop them getting back in.


With our before and after photos you’ll see the extent of the problem – and exactly what’s been done. We’ll tell you how we plan to screen and repair any entry points.


Contact Bad Company Wildlife to book your free inspection.