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And we’ll evict your all kinds of bad company (in-laws, lazy spouse and children not included…)

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What Makes Us the Best?  

Our goal is to find solutions that keep people and animals alike, healthy and happy. We offer a unique combination of knowledge and skills:  wildlife removal training and experience, plus professional trades skills.  

That means pests are safely removed and stay out: your home gets protected from their return.


We like and respect animals. We don’t put down poison or set traps.


Ask About Our TEN YEAR Animal Removal Guarantee!


Here’s How We Get Rid of Pests – Humanely:     

We’re humane wildlife removal experts. We understand how animals get in – and know how to stop them from coming back.   

  • We find where the animals get in
  • Install a one-way exit system so the animals evict themselves
  • Make sure any babies are carefully taken out so their mothers will find and move them
  • And inspect for all entry points – on attics and roofs – as well as for any signs of damage.

And you’ll get a 10-Year Guarantee.

Inspections are Free in Greater Hamilton!

We provide free inspections for Dundas, Ancaster, and the Greater Hamilton Area.


Yes, you could try solving your pest problem yourself – there seem to be so many remedies out there.  Here’s what some people do (and why you shouldn’t either!)

Covering or sealing an entry point

The animal could cause more damage trying to escape or even die in your walls or attic space.

Trapping the animal and moving it far away

Most creatures are territorial and removing one, just creates space for another to move in. And relocating an animal more than 1 km from the trap site is illegal; any young left behind will starve to death, possibly inside your home. 

Cutting down trees to stop animals getting on the roof

Many animals don’t need trees; they can climb brickwork, downspouts or use power lines to get up to your roof.

Home remedies like ammonia, mothballs, cayenne pepper or coyote urine

Interesting ideas; they just don’t work.

Playing loud music or shining bright halogen lights to scare animals off 

Animals get used to these disruptions: halogens heat up and are a fire hazard when left unattended or are in contact with flammable material

But if any of these things worked, companies like ours wouldn’t be in business!

Best to call us to solve the problem as soon as you hear or see evidence of animals in your home.

Remember: the longer you leave it, the bigger the problem will be – either because of the damage to your property, or the fact they’ll be more of them!

Bad Company was fantastic. They came when they said, they were knowledgeable and professional and had everything they needed in their truck. Big mama raccoon was not giving up her babies easily and they worked persistently, creatively and with compassion, until the job was complete.

Sandra S


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 We Are Humane!

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